The faces behind Solid Port Solutions

Let's introduce

We are are a diverse team of independent experts that work on a multitude of projects in the port and logistics industry. We are specialized in manual, semi-automated or fully automated container terminal operations, management and development.

We strongly believe that the port and logistics industry needs creative and out-of-the-box solutions that work.

That’s not only because we love to do it that way, but also because we understand that logistics, these days, is more about working together by making your processes smarter and more automated.

We, Solid Port Solutions, support the logistics industry and the people involved by designing and delivering creative, future-proof solutions. This is achieved by our limitless creativity and years of experience.

We are looking forward on working together towards the supply chain of the future: a supply chain that is green, efficient, with less transport and smarter utilization of resources!

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"With a practical approach, based on many years of real world experience and expertise, we deliver future-proof solutions. Our main differentiator is our team; working with us means working with an energetic, young and inspirational team, who have a can-do mentality in getting you to the next level. Your success is our success."

Bas Mötter, Director Solid Port Solutions