General Port Consultancy

What can we offer?

With our extensive operational knowledge and our fresh look towards challenges in the Port Logistics industry we are able to provide a multitude of services to challenge and improve your processes.

This can be done in different ways. By stepping into a project that you have already initiated or taking full control and developing new projects for you, utilizing the knowledge that is present in your company.

These projects can start as small studies and can be extended to full terminal masterplan studies with project development, layout development, budgeting, procurement, project execution, risk management and quality assurance.

Why do I need Solid Port Solutions?

·        Project Development

·        Procurement assistance

·        Business requirement developments

·        Business process optimization

·        Business process mapping

·        Lay-out concept designing

·        Operational concept designing

·        Master planning including Strategy development

·        Due diligence research

·        Maintenance and support advice


Besides above we offer other services which can be found under our other specialisms.