Project Management and Gate process optimization at Rail Service Center Rotterdam BV

Automated Gate process

The core business of RSC Rotterdam is to load and unload dozens of intermodal trains originating from and going all across Europe every day. The loading and unloading on this large rail terminal in the Eemhaven is done from train to truck, from truck to train and among trains. RSC Rotterdam is the hub in Europe’s main port for the European rail operators.

Solid Port Solutions has been asked to manage the project of improving the processes at the gate, implement an automated gate and educate the personnel in the automated gate processes.  The goal of this project is to implement adaptations to the processes which will improve the quality and efficiency of the current processes. These improvements are a good preparation for City Terminal Phase 2 and will enhance current performance of RSC.

Our role and approach

Solid Port Solutions delivered the overall project management and support to ensure on-time and within budget delivery of the gate process optimization project.

During this project there was a focus on different pillars:

1) Gate process optimization

  • Mapping of current and future gate processes by creating business process models
  • Writing both business and functional requirements for the automated gate process
  • Functional description of the new automated gate

2) Automated gate implementation

  • Managing the vendor selection and procurement of the operating system
  • LAB testing
  • Live Equipment Testing (LET)
  • Error management/ bug tracking
  • Support on implementation, integration and configuration

3) Education and support

  • User training
  • Writing of user manuals
  • Go-live support


The automated gate implementation required optimization of the IT systems, teamcoordination, implementation and testing of the systems, education of the personnel and support during Go-Live.

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Year: 2017-2018