Port Systems

What can we offer?

Solid Port Solutions has a lot of expertise with different port systems, knows about the latest technologies and can assist the client to find the best solution to enhance the performance and reduce cost. We can do it all, from selecting suppliers to implementing the required systems and IT and even train and support the employees during the change process to a new port system.

Why do I need Solid Port Solutions?

Solid Port Solutions areas of expertise are:

·       Gate Automation (including the implementation of a Gate Operating System)

·       Terminal Operating System (expertise with different suppliers)

·       Vehicle Positioning Systems

·       Man-Machine Interface

·       Zero Error Implementation

·       Port Special Systems

·       OCR Technologies

·       Maintenance Management Systems

·       Wireless Data Communication

·       Technical System Integration

·       Security Screening Filters

·       Redundant Data Infrastructure

·       Truck Driver Self-Service Stations

·       Security Management Information Systems

We can help you with the following steps in the process to a new port system:

·       Selecting suppliers by writing request for proposal documentation

·       Implementation of the port system

·       Testing and commissioning of port system (LAB and Live Equipment Testing)

·       Education and training of employees

·       Providing manuals to work efficiently with the new implemented port system