Project management and business analysis for the Terberg Autonomous Transport Solution

Autonomous Transport Solution

Terberg Benschop is a family business founded in 1869 that considers being ready for the future an important drive for the company this is why Terberg is in the process of developing an automatic terminal tractor.

This AutoTUG is to beimplemented on automated container terminals as a replacement for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) or Automatic Straddle Carriers (AutoStrads or Sprinters).

Solid Port Solutions is guiding the Transport Solutions team of Terberg Benschop into fully understanding how an automated terminal tractor shall be used on an automated container terminal by designing all business process models and the establishment of the resulting functional requirements to be able to design a commercial transport solution.
The port knowledge of Solid Port Solutions will be used to make sure that the automated vehicle Terberg is developing will be built to accommodate the day today requirements of modern ports when it comes to executing the horizontal transport of containers between the quay crane and the stack where all containers are stored.

Furthermore, Solid Port Solutions is taking care of the project management regarding several different Proof of Concept projects with the AutoTUG and accompanying automation kit suppliers.

Our role and approach

Solid Port Solutions represents different roles in this project:

1) Project Management of several Proof of Concepts (PoC)

  • Writing of Project plan
  • Managing planning
  • Managing budget
  • Support on implementation, integration and configuration
  • Support on testing software and reporting user errors
  • Support during demonstration

2) Business analysis

  • Writing of business and functional requirements
  • Development of various user stories and their use cases
  • Minimal viable product specifications
  • Support during safety analysis
  • Writing of LAB and LET test cases
  • Transfer of operational knowledge

3) Sales

  • Support in creating and propagating the mission and vision of the Autonomous Terberg Transport Solution
  • Drawing up the road map
  • Attracting potential (PoC) customers


Solid Port Solutions representes different roles during this project to be able to support Terberg as much as possible in their journey of the development towards a commercial viable autonomous transport solution. The roles represented are for project managagment, business analysis and sales.

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Year: 2022 - ongoing